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Counselling and Psychotherapy in English and Italian based in Farringdon (Clerkenwell, Central London)

Now that the lockdown has been lifted and that it is no longer mandatory to work from home, I offer sessions both online and in my consulting room in Clerkenwell depending on each client’s preference.

I am a member of The Farringdon Practice, located within easy reach of Central London, Farringdon, Clerkenwell, Holborn and the City. I offer both open ended and time conscious couselling and psychotherapy in English and in Italian. I am a member of the BACP, and I am registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy UKCP. (To visit The Farringdon Practice Click here)

I have over 20 years’ experience working as a psychotherapist and counsellor in private practice, employee assistance programmes, education and the voluntary sector. Alongside my private practice in central London, I have held the post of counsellor/coordinator and supervisor in Further Education colleges and University Counselling services. I have worked as an honorary psychotherapist at the Whittington Hospital and completed a residency in a secure inpatient psychiatric ward which enabled me to gain further understanding and compassion for the more severe end of psychological and emotional distress. Originally from an academic background in comparative literature, I draw from the humanistic and the psychodynamic tradition to help clients explore and move beyond their sometimes limiting and painful life stories.

The name of my counselling and psychotherapy practice reflects my belief that one of the first steps towards well-being lies in claiming back time for self-reflection, exploration and experimentation from the busy routines of our lives. It is a reference to the final volume of Marcel Proust's "Remembrances of Things Past", titled "Time Regained", which describes the coming together of a life-long search for meaning, identity and belonging in a world full of change, unpredictability, grief and loss. The Proustian notion of the healing power of memory, creativity and story telling appealed to me as a reader and its appeal resonated once again when I became a therapist.

"Time Reclaimed" also opens up the idea that while psychotherapists require specialist knowledge and rigorous training, the issues and themes of psychotherapy are neither contained by neat diagnostic categories, nor confined to pathology, but are rather shared in varying degrees by all. As such, literature and the arts can provide an additional vantage point to that offered by the medical model — one in which nuances of character and context, together with imagination and creativity can come more fully into play.

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Issues I have worked with and areas of special interest

Some of the issues I have worked with as a psychotherapist and counsellor include, but are not limited to:

Stress, Anxiety, Panic, Disordered Eating, Depression, Relationship and Family issues, Abuse, Trauma, Bereavement, Infertility, Abortion, Self-esteem, Self-harm, Suicidal thoughts, Identity, Life transitions and Self development.

I am Italian, fluent in English and conversant in French and have experience of working with a wide range of clients of different ages, sexualities, linguistic and cultural backgrounds. I have a special interest in relational and developmental trauma, narrative and the arts as well as in the way in which cultural norms and social expectations affect our sense of self and well being. I have specialist training in Somatic Trauma Therapy, CBT and have extensive experience working with young adults.

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